Wonderlust Expeditions

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I come as a single traveler even if the trip is priced for double occupancy? 

A: Yes, you can. There may a nominal surcharge for single occupancy (to cover extra camp space fees) that is calculated on a per trip basis. 

Q: Can I bring a pet? 

A: Usually, the answer is no, since many of our journeys take place in wilderness settings or other areas with strict conservation and use policies. Service animals, however, are always welcome.

Q: Do I need to bring my own camping gear? 

A: No, Wonderlust Expeditions supplies tents, cots, bedding, chairs, and all cooking equipment. For each trip we provide guests with a packing list of essential and suggested supplies. 

​Q: Will I have to set up my own tent?

A: No, the campsite will already be set up and ready for your trip when you arrive. We may ask you to assist with light clean-up duties at the end of the trip, but you won't need to put up or take down tents, cots, etc. 

​Q: What do Wonderlust campsites look like? 

A: While locations vary, we use the same set-up and equipment each time. Since a picture is worth a thousand words: 
Typical campsite set up for two participants at Grand Canyon
Double occupancy interior 
Q: What is the food like? 

A: Healthy, interesting, and delicious! Shane cooks to according to his own creativity and with what is available, so our menus tend to be regionally inspired. Breakfast is generally a buffet, lunches are usually bagged to take along on various adventures, and dinner is a plated meal. 
Q: Can you accommodate special diets? 

A: Yes, with advance knowledge we can accommodate most dietary restrictions - vegetarian, gluten-free, nut allergies, etc. However, we strongly encourage those with food restrictions to contact us directly to discuss their needs before booking. 
Typical breakfast buffet: peppers, masa, and scrambled eggs; fresh fruit; granola; yogurt